Character for a game I am designing for a game project at university.
She lives in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic world, called Tartarus -inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”.

Any ideas for names?

So I sent this comic to my bf on facebook because it seemed like his kind of humour, and this is what he replied to me:

"nop. YOU ARE UNIQUE, SPECIAL AND BIG. You are as big as the largest supernovae in all the observable galaxies in the known universe and nothing can ever overshadow how truly important your existence is, how it affects even the spin of the planet earth, and the fundamental will of the forces of nature. Your existence alone makes time hurry along like a maid, it makes my heart pump with the force of a geyser, at the rate of 120 times per minute. And it makes my mind calm, calm like the blanket of stars in the sky, stars that rage on furiously in their place but make no sound, no noise to us at all. Stars that would all explode in a great cataclysm in the heavens, had you not ever existed for me. It’s all a matter of perspective.".

I’m speechless.

A couple of days ago I went to the art shop to buy a sketchbook and then I saw these, being sold together as a promo. I never drew in black paper before, but it was so beautiful… I couldn’t resist! Let’s see if anything decent will come with it haha


Fanart I’ve been willing to do for a long time now. Can you guess who this is? hint: her tattoo.

When I started inking I was a bit afraid of ruining it completely, it’s been such a loooong time since I don’t ink a drawing, have only been doing sketchy stuff lately… too busy, too tired… anyway.

I hope the cracks on the ground look good, I’d never drawn this before, had to look references and it was hard to draw… 

coloring WIP - tablet practise

Almost done! need to finish the shading on the lips, on the eyes, add some highlights, make some final touches…

Later I’ll post a walkthrough of the coloring. =)

Just some practise, learning how to draw sketches and inking with a tablet.

Did this at class last year. I was having a terrible day.

It suits my current state of mind. I feel like I’m filled with darkness. That I’m no good. That I’m always doing wrong to the ones I care about even though I try to make them happy. There’s this weight inside my chest I just can’t seem to get rid of.


The Killers - London, 06/11/13

Just sharing this cause it was so fucking awesome!

The Killers has always been one of my favourite bands, and I love them even more now. It was a dream coming true.  So many good moments shared with people I love accompanied by this band, from years til now, still. Thank you, Killers. You rule.One more checked on my mental list  ”bands I need to see live at least once before I die”! haha =P

Casquin - 2012

My best friend in college, Ana Casquin.

'Cause she is…like… my bro, you know! =') This girl rocks!

Miss you, Casquin! <3

Doing my first attempts on digital drawings with a tablet, using the tablets from my university lab since I couldn’t get one of my own yet.

Man, this was hard! phew.

Sorry about the signature, it was a nightmare, I did it like 10 times and then I gave it up.