Uma breve análise sobre os sentimentos do Brasil pós derrota para a Alemanha nas semifinais:

Após observação de atividade no facebook nas redes sociais, concluo que a dor do brasileiro pela derrota é imensa, maior do que quase tudo. Porém ainda não é maior que a zueira, pois essa não tem fim.

Idk, not sleepy at 3 am + depression + suicidal thoughts + thinking about love and relationships and how no matter how much we love we always end up hurting who we love and ourselves + having browsed through this gallery right before starting drawing + wanted to draw  a hand = this drawing.

P.S.: the blood puddle shape was supposed to look like a heart. Ugh, I’ll fix that on another time.

Lineart WIP from the cover page for my manga project I talked about a few posts ago.
Drawing wings is a fucking masochist thing! >_

I just knew from facebook a friend of a friend (I didn’t know her) commited suicide. It’s the second person in maybe 2 or 3 months related to me that died. The 1st one I met him few times, didn’t know him very well, but he was a nice guy…

I’m shocked. Suicide is a kind of death that particularly moves me. I wonder what was on her mind, what she felt… I fight depression everyday as well. I spent long nights talking a friend out of the idea of suicide… I was terribly afraid he was going to do it and I am relieved he is ok and in treatment now.

Anyway, I don’t know, I’m shocked and just wanted to share this because I’m sad.

I wonder, I didn’t know her, but what if I was a close friend? or family?

I am scared of this happening to someone close to me…

My grandfather died days before I travelled to UK and I didn’t have the chance to say good bye…

I’m very far from home now, I wouldn’t even be able to say good bye…


How Long ‘Til The End?

How can I ever live like this?
I can’t stand this loneliness
In my heart your indifference leaves
Confusion all over my head
-Bad thoughts of cutting wrists

My soul cries
The tears burn my eyes
Everytime I remember
You’ll never love me as I for long desired

You now love someone else
I feel jealous and I don’t have the right to be
My feelings I have to hide
Forever locked inside of me
I have so much I’d like to say
But said from me these words are meaningless
to you

I must always smile as if it’s alright
Well, it is not!
And I must act as if it was
I’m pretending all the time
I smile when I wanna cry
I swallow my tears and pretend I’m fine
But this is all a big lie… I don’t wanna lie anymore
How much longer can I stand?
For how long will I still have to pretend?
Will this ever have an end?
What am I supposed to do ‘til then?!


"I want you to notice when I’m not around
I wish I was special
So fucking special
But I’m a creep…” 
-®Radiohead: "Creep"

"When I’m Not Around" - 2010

"Prisoner" - 2010

"…you’re killing me, killing me!

All I wanted was you!…”  - Thirty Seconds To Mars - “The Kill”

Kind of a self-portrait. Not very realistic though…

"Look In My Eyes" - 2010

"Love Is A Warm Gun".

Done in a sleepless night of 2010.

Ballpoint pen + Photoshop.

I’m bored and I’m not sleepy, so I am organising the layout of this blog and I’ll be uploading some old stuff in the next few minutes.

WIP - Manga Project: The Death Conspiracy  - concept artbook cover

I decided to resume my manga project, so I bought a hard cover sketch book to organise my ideas, make character sheets, concept drawings, etc. This is what I was drawing today on it the “cover” double page.