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Check out more inspirational quotes here »> \u003C\u003C\u003C


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»the landscape is moving« by marilá dardot

(frieze sculpture park, londres, 2013)


»the landscape is moving« by marilá dardot

(frieze sculpture park, londres, 2013)



what do we do now??

Trying to get back at drawing.

Another coffee, please
For one is no longer enough
These days I wish not to wake up
Just stay inside a dreamless sleep

Another coffee, please
Bitter and dark
Like the circles around my restless eyes
In dark nostalgic melancholy
I feel my mind dangerously slip

Another coffee, please
This time put a little sugar in it
So I can taste a bit of sweet
As the caffeine boosts my heart’s final beats
Right before the cyanide kicks in
To grant me some relief
Eternal sleep:

so, my main blog is called “anothercoffeeplease”, and I’ve always wanted to develop this sentence into a poem…


After blood, sweat and tears, working through late nights, sacrificed weekends and a lot of coffee, the internship has come to an end, and the game is finally available in Google Play Store, and soon (1-2 weeks) will also be at AppStore for iPhone 5. Art all done by me, except for some details because the deadline was too tight and we were running out of time.

I would like to thank the coffee who has never abandoned me since the beginning of the project until the very ending. I would also like to thank Chris Coxand Justin Parsler for the great opportunity, and Chris WinnAli Abdullah MarwaniBen Lunato and Davide Alexandro Fiandra for the hard work - and for helping with the unfinished art.
It was great working with you, and I’m certainly going to miss you and all the rest of the Brunel Game Design students who I had the luck to study and work with.
You’re awesome. Keep up the good work, I wish you all the best.

The demo version is free and the full game can be purchased by clicking on the option “upgrade for full game” for the price of 0.50 pence in the UK (converted to your currency automatically since it’s available in the whole world.

You can download it here.

Bad news is I haven’t been drawing much personal stuff lately, but that’s cause we are crazy busy at the Games Design Internship.

We are finally reaching the last week, so we have been working non-stop, week days, weekends, late nights, luchtimes…

The good news is soon I’ll have tons of art that I have been dying to show you, but couldn’t because of the confidentiality clauses on the contract and all that thing - you know how these things are, right

So, now is fingers crossed and hope our game is approved and published, and then you’ll be able to download it to your iPhone or Android, HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!


Uma breve análise sobre os sentimentos do Brasil pós derrota para a Alemanha nas semifinais:

Após observação de atividade no facebook nas redes sociais, concluo que a dor do brasileiro pela derrota é imensa, maior do que quase tudo. Porém ainda não é maior que a zueira, pois essa não tem fim.